About Us

Founded in 1951, under the leadership of its Founder and Chairperson Late Shri Ram Kumar Gupta. He transferred his legacy to Shri Dinesh Kumar Gupta, who has continued his good work, walking on the footsteps.

Gupta Publishing House was formed with the vision of making quality education available to common man in the language used every day. For more than 60 years, Gupta Publishing House has been providing simplified education books to Students.

Since inception, Gupta Publishing House is committed to reliable &affordable education and has kept working the same direction till then.

We started in the school books segment with a set of books for class Nursery to 12th. Particular set of books instantly became a hit amongst the students and the teachers, from then till now we have witnessed remarkable growth.

Gupta Publishing House guiding objective is to enhance education nationwide by supporting communities with culturally and geographically appropriate publishing programs and service. Gupta Publishing House initiating spirit and reputation for quality has enabled us to build lasting relationships with teachers, educators and students.

We help learners to achieve more. We support students, instructors and institutions through a lifetime of learning by providing them with world class content in the most relevant, engaging and flexible formats. Our passion for learning and commitment to education is second to none, which is why Gupta Publishing House remains the most trusted partner to deliver innovative solutions that will drive student performance and help educators and institutions to deliver excellent results.

After defining the print publishing for higher & senior secondary examinations, we adventured into the arena of E-Learning with E-Assessment, E-Books and many more online options already released in the market and a lot more to follow.

Gupta Publishing House educational books developed by leading academicians and practicing teachers are research-based, learner-centric, culture and gender sensitive, and are the first choice of over 5,000 schools pan India. Gupta Publishing House is proud of the important part we play at all stages of the learning journey. We are a place for curious minds who are working to develop the next generation.

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